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Relocation of your business not only takes time and money but becomes a cause for stress and may be dangerous for the business. An unexpected delay may lead to the loss of contracts and customers. Breakdown of equipment can cause long-term halting of production and thereby contingent expenses. That’s why it`s crucial to hire true professionals to move your business. Luckily you can always call Movers.Team

Commercial move with Movers.Team is the best and the safest option. We are working hard and continuously improving to provide our dear clients with the best moving service. We are 100% reliable and work as fast as possible at affordable price.

Work in a full compliance with your schedule

You and your business have plans and a schedule. We will work in accordance with your plans adapting to your demands. Don`t postpone important meetings and other processes because of the move — transport and moving men will arrive at your convenience.


We can`t relocate your property immediately but it will require us clearly as much time as it`s needed to do everything perfectly and no minute more. We have a big fleet of vans of various load capacity and a couple of moving men teams. If necessary they will all be at your service, and relocation of your office, production or store will happen as fast as it`s technically capable.


We have vast experience at working with various cargoes. We will accurately pack all fragile things, furniture, and other stuff, carefully load them to the trucks and deliver in complete safety. If your equipment should be partially disassembled we will delegate this work to professionals. You may not worry about your belongings, they are in complete safety with our Moving Company.

Features of commercial move for the clients

There is a procedural difference between relocation of business and a household. When you are planning to relocate the business you should take into account the following:

  • if possible, it is better to move not on weekdays, but on weekends, starting from Friday evening, so that on Monday some processes can already be launched in a new location
  • An IT department may have special requirements for the relocation and the security conditions;
  • it may be required for some equipment to conduct special preparation before moving;
  • one should take into account the presence of elevators, sufficiently wide aisles and stairways in the area from which you are moving, and in the area to which you are moving.

Local commercial move

Short distance relocation of business can be a bit simpler if there is no high-density traffic at the route. Nevertheless, this does not simplify the task of loading and unloading, thereby we treat local relocation as responsibly as moving a business from state to state.

Long Distance Commercial Moves

Moving a business to another city or state takes a lot of time, and if it is moving to a distant state, then much more. It should be considered when scheduling launch of business at a new location. We have a vast experience of moving businesses from LA to other cities of California, Oregon, Texas, Arizona, and the Midwest United States, thereby we know what difficulties one may face. If you approach our company you will definitely enjoy the result: all your belongings will be moved in an absolutely safe way and so that we help you launch your business in a new place as fast as possible.

Protection of equipment during the move

We treat carefully our clients’ property and ensure the complete safety of furniture, equipment and other things during a commercial move. We also preserve as much as possible the surfaces and finishes of those buildings we are working at:

  • If trolleys are to be used, protective mats are placed along the entire route of the movement, and our trolleys have rubber-coated wheels.
  • if there is a staircase with a handrail on the route, we always cover the handrail with protective covers;
  • if there is a risk of damaging the door, we will remove the door panel and close the door frame with protective material.


We provide services of commercial move in all the cities of LA county: greater Los Angeles, Burbank, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, and other cities. Call us and relocation of your business will happen free of stress and troubles.


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