Long distance move is one of the most stressful things we can face in our daily life. We know it and that’s why we created this service, which will let you not to be concerned about the upcoming move at all. Just call us and we will take over everything related to loading and moving the belongings.

Vast vehicle fleet

It`s important for the Moving Company to have enough vehicles which can move a lot of things fast. Our vehicle fleet is one of the biggest in LA: you can trust us even the biggest item and it will be moved as fast as it`s technically capable.

Serving our clients is a top priority for us

Our main goal is to make our clients happy. We use best equipment and our workers are true professionals, we do everything so you could not be worrying about your belongings, and so the long distance move would be simple and free of trouble, and your property would arrive at the destination point completely safe.

We move even heavy items

It isn`t a challenge for us to move a piano or a fortepiano, lock boxes or big closet. We will carefully pack the heavy items, transfer them to the van, secure and move them, and then take them to the place at the destination point where you want to see them.

In a full compliance with your schedule

The move takes a lot of time and efforts. When you move to the long distance you never have free time but at this, you need your belongings as fast as possible. We know it and always adapt to your schedule so you could spend your time on something more important than organization of the move and wait for the belongings.


Our main location is an LA county. Most of our clients who call us live or move in greater Los Angeles, Santa Calrita, Glendale, Pomona, Burbank, Lancaster and Long Beach.

Have questions about long distance move? Call us and we will tell you all the details.


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