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Relocation is a tense and wasteful process in every sense. During the move, you have a risk of damaging and losing valuable property and of course, you are concerned about it. Our Moving Company will get you rid of such anxiety: we move the belongings in complete safety. This is possible thanks to professional packaging and unpacking of each item.

Professional packaging services

Non-professionals pay a minimum of attention to packaging and then get upset over the damaged property. In most cases people just put things in boxes and tape them up. We make it differently

Every item is packed in a way so it could withstand long-distance trip and overload without being damaged. For this purpose, we use boxes of different sizes and durability, shock-absorbing materials, belts and protective coverings. We always take into account that items can contact with each other during movement and get damaged from this contact. That`s why there is always a cardboard or fiber barrier and a back filling between fragile things inside the box. It looks simple but attention to the details and attitude to belongings as to the own is very important.

Packaging of furniture and pictures

Pictures, antique furniture and other objects can be damaged even by simple touch: that’s why we treat them with special care. Each item is individually wrapped according to its qualities, and in this package, it is completely motionless. This packaging guarantees a safe move for art objects.


When packed items have arrived at the new location, it`s important to unpack them and place them carefully where necessary. Our workers are true professionals. They will take all the items from the boxes and place them fast and accurately. The only thing you need to do is to drink your coffee and get back to the normal life and work at the new location.


Our moving company is mainly working at LA County, California. Whether you are in Burbank, Santa Monica, Lancaster, Glendale, Pomona or Norwalk, you can always reach out to us for a moving service, including packaging which will completely satisfy you.


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