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Transportation of pianos during the move is a big problem both for the owners and many Moving Companies but not for the Movers.Team We make it for our dear clients couple of times a month. We are experienced in moving a wide range of musical instruments — from small pianos to antique concert grand pianos of enormous value. All of them have been moved by our company on time and without the slightest damage.

All is included

The cost of transportation of the piano is fixed and it already includes the cost of packaging materials, securing materials in a van and our services, including transportation.

How to order

Making the order please tell as much as possible about the musical instrument. What type of piano is to be transportated? It can be a baby grand, a spinet or a small clavichord, but it can also be a big concert grand. We also need to know the plan of the building from which the instrument is to be taken out, and the plan of the building to which it must be brought in. Are there ladders or narrow openings in the way that the instrument has difficulty or does not pass through? If there is a staircase, what is its width, how many steps, is there a railing? This information will let us to prepare in advance and carry out the fast and gentle transport of the piano.

Piano relocation — average prices

Spinet/Studio/Console Piano, flat surface: $400 (2 Movers)
Full Upright/Antique Piano, flat surface: $500 (3 Movers)
Grand Piano, flat surface: $500 (3 movers)
Spinet/Studio/Console Piano, 10 step stairs: $600 (3 Movers)
Full Upright Piano, 10 step stairs: $700 (4 movers)
Grand Piano, 10 step stairs: $700 (4 movers)
Each order includes 3 hours of moving, and a total of 50 miles traveling from our warehouse to pick-up, to drop-off and back to our warehouse. Each additional mile beyond the first 50 miles is $3 for 2 mover jobs, and $5 for 3 mover jobs.


We are based in Los Angeles County and provide piano transportation services to greater Los Angeles, Long Beach, Glendale, Santa Clarita, Pomona, and other cities in the county. Local within th California county limits, or long-distance transportation to other US states is available.


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